5/6 Complex

The major depositional feature of Site 5-6 is a 30 m high cone of MSA deposit. There is an active erosion gully between the upper half of the cone and the cliff face that reveals 19.5 m of stratified MSA deposit. The rest of the 10.5 m is vegetated but exposed by erosion gulleys. Fauna, lithics, ochre, hearths, and OES are all preserved beautifully in the exposed section. We have identified both HP and possibly Still Bay occupations near the middle of the thus-far dated portion of the deposits, and excavations are underway in order to precisely associate them. OSL dates, taken from just the top of the sequence, show that this may be one of the longest continuous MSA sections in South Africa.

Lithics, shell and bones collected from the eroding surfaces at site 5-6:

5/6 lithics5/6 Shells and Fauna