Project Members

Dr. Rosa Albert - phytoliths - University of Barcelona
Dr. Miryam Bar-Matthews - u-series dating and isotopic analysis of speleothems - Geological Survey of Israel
Jocelyn A. Bernatchez - analysis of ochre, archaeometry - Arizona State University
Kyle S. Brown - lab director, field co-director, lithic analyses - University of Cape Town
Dr. Geoffrey Duller - osl dating, University of Wales - Aberystwyth
Dr. Brooks Ellwood - archaeomagnetics - Louisiana State University
Erich Fisher - multi-dimensional GIS - University of Florida
Maria-Grazia Galemberti - isotopic analysis of shellfish - University of Cape Town
Dr. Paul Goldberg - sediment micromorphology, geology - Boston University
Dr. Andrew Herries - archaeomagnetics - University of New South Wales
Dr. Werner Illenberger - dune and aeolianite sedimentology, geology - Illenberger & Associates, South Africa
Dr. Zenobia Jacobs - osl dating – University of Wollongong
Dr. Antonieta Jerardino - shellfish analysis – University of Cape Town, SAHRA
Dr. Panagiotis Karkanas - sediment micromorphology, geochemistry, geology - Ministry of Culture, Ephoreia of Palaeoanthropology-Speleology
Sarah Lansing - taphonomy and carnivore assemblages - Arizona State University
Dr. Julia Lee-Thorp - oxygen and carbon isotopes - University of Bradford
Dr. Curtis W. Marean - Principal Investigator, field director, zooarchaeology, Arizona State University
Dr. Thalassa Matthews - micromammals - Iziko South African Museum
Dr. Ari Matmon - cosmogenic isotopes - Hebrew University
Dr. Peter Nilssen - co-director of field operations, zooarchaeology - Iziko South African Museum, Dias Museum
Robyn Pickering - uranium-lead dating – University of Bern
Amy Rector - large mammal paleoecology - Arizona State University
Dr. Kaye Reed - large mammal morphology and paleoecology - Arizona State University
Dr. Dave Roberts - geology - Council for Geoscience, South Africa
Dr. Judith Sealy - oxygen and carbon isotopes - University of Cape Town
Erin Thompson - lithic analyses, GIS - Arizona State University
Jessica Thompson - large mammal zooarchaeology - Arizona State University
Dr. Chantal Tribolo - TL dating - CNRS-Bordeaux University -IRAMAT-CRP2A
Dr. Stephan Woodborne - carbon isotopes - director of QUADRU, CSIR, South Africa
Hope M. Williams - isotopic analyses of small vertebrate remains, soil geochemistry - Arizona State University